JARHEAD 3L Hydration Backpack

  • $61.99

JARHEAD 3L Hydration Backpack Description:

This JARHEAD 3L Hydration Backpackreservoir is more convenient, more ergonomic, and has a larger capacity than any hand-held bottle you could comfortably bring with you on your trek.
It’s time to make the switch to hands-free hydration with this JARHEAD 3L Hydration Backpack reservoir. Simply fill the bladder with water, strap it on as a backpack, or slide the pack into your larger gear bag. The detachable hose provides easy access to water whenever you need it, while a bite valve and BPA-free food grade construction keep things clean and sanitary for delicious tasting water. Whether you’re a hiker, camper, bicyclist, fisher, or runner -- this is the best way to stay hydrated, hands down.
*Hydration Bladder Included*
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JARHEAD 3L Hydration Backpack Special Features:

  • Brand Name: Jarhead
  • Capacity: 3L
  • Material: EVC
  • Weight: 0.68

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