Large Professional Explorer Camera Backpack

  • $300.99

Large Professional Explorer Camera Backpack Description:

This Large Professional Explorer Camera Backpack for DSLR/CSC keeps your photography gear safe. The combination of materials used is inspired by the red and blue of Australia’s outback and seas. It is designed with careful attention to detail and premium materials: earthy-red, genuine Italian leather and water-repellent fabrics evoking Australian scenery and colours. On the inside, the bags feature a colourful eucalyptus-leaf print lining reminiscent of Australia’s typical natural landscapes. A fresh look and essential design helps photographers keep a casually low profile while gear is kept safe by the renowned Protection System. 

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Large Professional Explorer Camera Backpack Special Features:

-Premium backpack for enthusiast travel photographers

-Fits DSLR with 70-200/2.8 attached and up to 5 additional lenses

-Rear access for maximum security; side access for rapidity

-Manfrotto Protection System shock absorption & camera protection

-Converts into an everyday backpack


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